Our 360 Commitment

Dear Reader and Curious Investor,

We are committed to you. During 2015, we are on a mission to provide you quality investment ideas and information at least three times per week. So check opportunityidentified.com often for great investment opportunities. These investment opportunities are identified using our propriety library of indicators, charts, and resources. The easiest way to follow our work is to sign-up for our free email notification service (click here to sign-up).

Why are we doing this? We put a great deal of time, effort, and expertise into our craft. We don’t share everything, but for 2015, we’re going to share a great deal of information, ideas, and education with our readers. So why are we sharing great investment information for free? To raise awareness about 360 Investment Research and the valuable work we do, identifying asymmetric risk/reward opportunities using technical analysis. We want you to see what we see. What do we ask in return? Quite simply, if you find our information valuable, share the wealth with a friend.

Committed to you,


Founder, 360 Investment Research, LLC

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