This Important Piece Of The Market Puzzle Will Impact Your Portfolio

Back in February, we highlighted some important developments which could impact the months ahead. One of those developments was the consolidation of the U.S. Dollar.  Back then, we wrote:

Another important development is the consolidation of the U.S. Dollar… the US Dollar broke out above previous resistance in the 4th quarter of 2016. On the daily chart of the U.S. Dollar, we’re compressing between $99 and $101. A break above the upper green trendline would signify a resumption of the uptrend started in 2014. And if price moves below $100, there is no reason to own the greenback. If the Dollar moves down through this important level, we could have a false move on our hands…

Here’s the U.S. Dollar back on February 27th:

US Dollar Daily Chart

The power of using price charts is we can identify where demand and supply dynamics change and use these levels to manage risk, the most important part of being a market participant. We identified the $99-100 level as important support. Here’s the updated chart:

US Dollar Daily Chart Updated

While recording new highs in early January, the U.S. Dollar Index was also logging lower highs in 14-Period RSI (our favorite momentum indicator). New highs and lagging momentum can sometimes signal limited upside continuation. In this case, the divergence in momentum was an important tell for the demand of U.S. Dollars. This was confirmed when buyers could not keep the Greenback from breaking $99, a significant level over the past 2.5 years. You can see this important level better when we step back to a bigger picture timeframe. It’s always important to look at the bigger picture. Here’s the weekly chart of the U.S. Dollar Index dating back to 2010:

U.S. Dollar Weekly Chart

The importance of the $99-100 level can be clearly seen. Sellers showed up twice at that level in 2015 making the breakout at the end of 2016 notable. However, since the highs in January, selling pressure has returned. The increase in supply has created a false move. From false moves come fast moves in the opposite direction. The fast move in the opposite direction is taking place right now. We don’t need to predict. Price shows us there’s no need to be a buyer of U.S. Dollars right now.

In conclusion, the Almighty Dollar, an important piece of the market puzzle, needs to prove itself before we’d consider a long position. If the selling continues, we’d expect buyers to show up near the $92-93 handle, an area where they showed up in the past (see green annotated arrows in the chart above). Since many market pieces are priced in Dollars, this current move could have an impact across a variety of assets, including commodities and foreign equity markets.

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